47 Healthy Body Affirmations: Affirmations that changed my life


15 October, 2021

I have the power to improve my health.

I make my well-being my highest priority in life.

I now direct my subconscious mind to heal my body quickly.

I put total trust in the healing power of my positive thoughts.

I send thoughts of healing and love to my body now.

I summon the healing powers of my body now.

I use my mind to return my body to perfect health.

I use the power of thought to direct my body to be perfect in every way.

I visualize myself healthy every day.

I walk in healing energy wherever I go.

It is my divine right to be healthy and happy.

I live each and every day in perfect health.

Perfect faith brings me returning health.

Perfect healing energy flows through my entire body.

All physical discomfort is now leaving my body.

I am free from all pain.

I heal very rapidly.

My body contains every substance it requires for perfect health.

My body feels better and better every day.

My body guides me towards perfect health.

My body has a remarkable capacity to heal itself.

My body heals itself while I sleep.

My body heals quickly and easily.

My body is now restoring itself to health.

My body is permeated with the healing energy of the universe.

My body is recovering amazingly fast.

I choose to live in perfect health.

I feel better and better every day.

I give immense gratitude for my daily healing.

I give myself all the healing thoughts I deserve.

I give myself permission to feel good right now.

I grow stronger and healthier every day.

I have instant access to the healing powers of the universe.

An aura of perfect well-being surrounds and infuses my being.

Every moment of every day I am becoming healthier and healthier.

It is my right to be healthy and strong.

My body absorbs healing energy from the universe.

My body and all its organs are quickly returning to perfect health and vitality.

My body repairs and heals itself quickly.

My health improves immensely every day.

My mind focuses only on perfect health and well-being.

My natural healing ability grows stronger every day.

My new positive attitude brings me optimal health.

Healing energy courses through my body.

Healing energy flows through every cell in my body.

Divine energy now heals my body.

Divine healing energy is flowing through my body.


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